Seidor Networks is formed

In early 2018, Bluekey Network Solutions and Netology join forces, forming Seidor Networks, allowing the business to widen their service offering to clients and expand into Africa. This pushes the company to become the global number one SAP Business One Platinum Partner; expanding the reach of each business and creating an international footprint.

Seidor Networks does not merely provide the products for companies to run operations but provides hands-on services to its clients and for their products. By moving into the Seidor family, Bluekey Networks Solutions and Netology are able utilise the footprints that Seidor already have in more than 25 countries across the globe.


The company, which has another SAP business unit called Westrocon, shares a similar culture and aims to create an international group with the ability to share SAP knowledge and systems.

Having forged this powerful partnership allows Seidor Network clients to gain greater benefits by being able to access the offerings of each sector of the business from more than 45 offices in 29 countries.