Firewall & Security

Firewall & Security

Our Firewall as a Service is designed to ensure a high level of security with reporting while ensuring Internet uptime with auto-failover technology. Keeping your networks secure against ever evolving security threats.

Seidor Firewall Pro is a fully managed Firewall as a Service (FaaS) offering.

The SFPro keeps your employees connected to the Internet with auto-failover capability that is agnostic to any Internet provider and Active Directory integration authenticates users with their company account details allowing the network administrator to create and manage security groups without changing Firewall rules.

Unsolicited site access is controlled and managed by Category and Application blocking based on the users authenticated Active Directory account whether accessing the Internet from their computer or mobile device.

Create and manage your own VPN network with secure inter-branch VPN access over the Internet, with VPN auto-failover while external users connect to the VPN from their mobile accounts, securing your network from within and externally.

Reports are based on the users Active Directory account ensuring that there are no mistaken identities when analysing your data. There are many standard reports to choose from and monthly reporting as included in the service.

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